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Professional Python - Django hosting on a virtual server.


Suitable for 24x7 enterprise applications requiring high performance and stability. Unlimited number of operated domains and applications..

> - srovnání tarifů

Tariff Python hosting Standard Python hosting Premium
Price 290Kč/month od 490Kč/month
Tariff determination for less demanding applications, development and test servers for demanding applications with an emphasis on performance and high availability
SLA 99,92% 99,98%
Location of your application in our own data center
(Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we have our own data center - or we solve problems faster and more flexibly)
Platform Redhat KVM virtual server
Server parameters 2 x procesor, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD HDD 4 x procesor, 4GB RAM, 20GB SSD HDD
Hardware of our servers Intel Xeon or Opteron processors, raid 10, SSD Intel 520 HDD
Possibility to increase server parameters
(processor, disk, memory)
Internet connectivity unlimited data transfer unlimited data transfer
Internet speed 1Gb / s port to the Internet 1Gb / s port to the Internet
Reserved IP address included 1 x 1 x
(possibility of operation of more domains)
1 domain unlimited domains
Python parameters
Application server Python 2.7, 3.6 Python 2.7, 3.6
Custom virtual env
Support Django
WSGI serverem
Operation of own libraries
Python hosting control
(our web interface)
Restart script via SSH
Number of Python applications unrestricted unrestricted
Server access
(encrypted FTP variant)
(web interface to Mysql, a faster and more secure alternative to PhpMyAdmin)
Number of databases unrestricted unrestricted
Backup to another geolocation 1x month, up to 4 x deposit
(renewal is charged)
1x per week, up to 4 x deposit
(renewal is charged)
Initial server and application settings
Transfer an existing domain to our servers
DNS hosting
NONSTOP monitoring of the virtual server
(zabbix monitoring)
basic advanced
Firewall protection
Customer support form, email, phone
Support HTTPS
SSL certificate support server side only on the server and client side
Price for setting up and configuring an SSL certificate
(RapidSSL -
990Kč / year 990Kč / year
Access log access
Access to the error logu
Support google analytics
Price 900Kč / year 900Kč / year
Number of emails unrestricted unrestricted
Location of your application unrestricted unrestricted
Number of domain aliases 1x unrestricted
Space for emails 10 GB 10 GB
Antispam and antivirusrr
Web access to mail
(encrypted version also available)
POP3 mail access
(encrypted version also available)
IMAP mail access
(encrypted version also available)
SMTP server with authorization
(encrypted version also available)
Domain basket
Automatic reply
Notification of incoming
emails on a mobile phone
Payment for 3 months not possible 539Kč / month
(1.617Kč total)
Payment for 6 months not possible 514Kč / month
(3.087Kč total)
Payment for 12 months 290Kč / month
(3.480Kč total)
490Kč / month
(5.880Kč total)
Python Standard
Python Premium